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We trap, remove, and prevent problem wildlife that are in your home, business, or other property. Nuisance wildlife are common in Hoover. It is important that animals are removed before damage occurs.

Hoover  AL Animal Trapping & Removal
$89 and up, depending on the species and the amount of work and time involved. All species are trapped differently and may require different approaches. Trapping for animals like raccoons, armadillos, and opossums can be much easier than trying to trap bobcats, foxes, beavers, and coyotes. Our wildlife specialists are highly trained experts and have the knowledge and experience to properly remove animals as fast and humane as possible. 

Hoover AL Wildlife Inspections$55 for residential and $89 for commercial.  In cases where animals have entered into a home or building, it is important that the structure is thoroughly inspected for all entry and potential entry points. If an entry point is missed, it can make a huge difference of when your problem is solved. We will also determine if there is any damage. Damaged attic insulation should be replaced. We can remove old insulation and install new.

Hoover AL Wildlife Exclusion & Repairs
To determine a price, an inspection must be performed. We can make repairs to prevent animal access and they include a 1 year warranty. If animals are able to get through our repairs, we will get the animals out and re-repair the area at no additional cost. Our repairs are performed using only the most animal proof materials and your warranty can be renewed annually.  

Hoover AL Gutter Cleaning & Protection
Gutters that are full of debris attract insects and wildlife. It is important to keep these areas protected to prevent problems. Our gutter solutions involve cleaning debris off the roof and out of the gutters. We will then install a long lasting gutter guard that will keep the debris out. Our gutter protection system includes a 1 year warranty.